Sacred Geometry

By studying the divine geometric patterns, one learns to open themselves to deeper understandings and universal wisdom. In this course, the 3 sacred shapes of creation will be activated with your energy field, increase your vibration and connection to spirit. You will learn how to use these sacred shapes to create a temple space in your home and empower your energy field.

$85/3-hour workshop (Select below from dropdown menu to register)

7 Mystery School Presentations

This class will answer the questions “what is a mystery school and how do I know if it is real; where are they and what do they teach”?


Stress Rescue

In these times, we all experience stress on a daily basis, which can adversely affect our health, our quality of life and our relationships.  We will learn to identify our stressors, develop management skills to address the stress we feel, and heal our mind, body and spirit from the effects of stress.
Consultation Required

Shamanic Journey

This class will introduce you to the shamanic journey to the other worlds and spiritual realms.

$150.00 - 4 Hour Workshop

Journeys of the Spirit

This intensive one-day workshop opens up the gateways to ascending through the spiritual dimensions to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Masters of Light and other Beings of Light. This practice, often called channeling, will open you to an expand reality and your own connection to deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

We all channel in one way or another without being aware of it. These messages are usually received through our creative abilities. Learning to channel accurately for yourself gives you more knowledge and opportunity to evolve and serve. This workshop shows you how to work with your Higher Self. As a result you are assured of your source and the validity of the information you are receiving.

In this class you will learn:
•Safe and efficient methods to journey through the spiritual dimensions
•How to safely channel and connect to appropriate Beings of Light who can provide guidance and insight into your Spiritual Path
•How to create a sacred protected space
•How to easily access a trance or altered space
•Techniques to expand your psychic awareness and spiritual intuition
•The signs to know the information you are receiving is in your highest good
•How to meet and converse with spiritual beings in the higher dimensions of reality
•How to integrate this practice and knowledge regularly in your life

 $250/full-day workshop (Select below from dropdown menu to register)



Awaken Thyself

Many spiritual seekers will find themselves upon the steps of the Mystery School, wondering what it’s all about, asking the question of the ages, on the journey to truly knowing oneself. If you are that seeker, wondering “What’s next? Where do I go from here? The Awaken Thyself workshop opens up the gateway to the path of initiation. You can experience the essence of the ancient mysteries, connect to the energy of initiation, learn about the benefits, what to expect, be guided through meditation and ritual so you can make an educated and discerning decision if this path is truly for you.

$50/3-hour workshop (Select below from dropdown menu to register)

Astral Travel

Astral travel is the art of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the realms of the physical reality. This course teaches you the tools and techniques to expand your consciousness so that you can explore the astral planes and other dimensions more safely and effectively. It also aids to improve meditation, conscious dreaming and journeying.

$85/4-hour workshop (Select below from dropdown menu to register)

Spiritual Intuition

Psychic ability, a sixth sense, the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairsentience — there are many names to describe this quality we simply call “spiritual intuition.” Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as “a knowing, without the use of rational processes.”

Everyone has this innate ability in them, and you are using it more often than you realize!

In this workshop, you will learn about the spiritual senses, how to activate them, strengthen them and building your psychic awareness and sensitivity in a safe and comfortable way. You will be handed down tools and techniques that you can practice everyday to develop your psychic abilities and consciously work with your intuition everyday.

$25/3-hour workshop (Select below from dropdown menu to register)



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