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Crystal Magic for the Home (Crystal Gridding)

​​Crystals have the natural capacity to amplify energy and thus crystal grids are used to enhance energy flow, support personal healing, spiritual growth, and sustain a flow of abundance, wholeness and harmony in the space.  They also have the ability to transmute a negative energy field into a positive one.

Crystal gridding is done by creating an energetic force field through a network or grid of crystals placed at strategic locations, in a geometric pattern, using sacred geometry, within the area to be affected.  The crystals are energetically connected and communicate with each other to bring about the desired energetic atmosphere.  Each crystal will be activated, charged and programmed with ancient techniques from the Lineage of king Solomon to further boost their natural function.

Crystal grids can be established at your home, business, temple space, as well as outdoor locations such a ley lines, gardens, and sacred groves. 

Consultation is required to determine price.


Consultation is required

Energetic Space Clearing

A Ritual Master, from the Modern Mystery School, initiated in the Lineage of King Solomon, will perform sacred rituals and space clearing protocols to remove densely negative and discarnate energies that cannot otherwise be cleared with the use of common methods of smudging, chanting, belling and other do-it-yourself methods. 
As a result of this clearing, all lesser negative energies such as residue from traumatic events, illnesses, death, divorce, and bankruptcy will also be cleared and transmuted, leaving the space vibrant, healthy, and spiritually clear.
Consultation is required for pricing.